Our methodology is to support Singapore Ministry of Education Framework For Kindergarten Curriculum using the Reggio and Montessori approaches. We also emphasize on an Islamic integration program.

Our guiding principle provides children with opportunities for:

Holistic development and learning
Integrate learning
Active learning
Support learning
Learning through interactions
Learning through play

Our Approach

  • Begin from the child - we believe each child is unique and special. We value their experience and contributions so learning journeys begin with them.
  • Fostering positive learning climate - we believe in immersing chidren in the Islamic and traditional way with trained, qualified and caring staffs so that children will grow to be responsible and contributing individuals.
  • Preparing learning environment - we believe children learn through hands on experinces and when they are having fun.
  • Creative Environment - Our environment is set up creatively and asethetically appealing for children to explore and learn.
  • Planning and structural learning activities - Our teachers meet weekly and brainstom ideas to keep learning journeys both meaningful and challenging
  • Setting up resources - The centre pride itself for being current with well researched practices in early childhood as well as being constantly updated in current technologies.
  • Observing children - we believe in recording in every milestone so that parents will not miss each growing development

Our Teacher

All our staffs meet training requirements set by ECDA. From time to time, teachers will upgrade their expertise. In addition, they meet weekly to discuss developments and lesson plans. We also conduct internal professional development once a week whereby teacher will learn various aspect of Early Childhood

Teacher-Child Ratio

The teacher-child ratio for our centre is within the guideline set by the ECDA. The following is the teacher-child ratio for our centre.

level age staff-child ratio
PG Above 18 months - 30 months 1:8
N1 Above 30 months - 3 years 1:12
N2 Above 3 years - 4 years 1:15
K1/K2 Above 4 years -4 years 1:20