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"The teacher at Ilham have provided a warm and caring atmosphere, and the children we saw at drop-off and pick-up time were happy and played well with each other..."

Parent of Aqil Syafee (K1)

"My son has learnt more than i expected! He knows how to be sociable and make friends on his own now, and is excited to share about school with his family"

Parent of Muhd Irham (K1)

"Ilham Child Care @ Tradehub 21 have placed great interest in the children well-being. The curriculum is holistic and I'm assured that my children are safe and well taken care of when i'm away at work..."

Parent of Nur Haneul Qystina (K1)

Written Testimonials

  • Parents of Aqil Syafee & Ain Syaakirah

    “My children were enrolled to Ilham Childcare (Tradehub 21) in October 2014. It is nearly a year that they have been part of Ilham. I am happy and grateful with the tremendous progress they have shown over time, be it academically, spiritually, morally or routine wise. Morning wake up call is a challenge (well, who doesn't right?) but i know they are happy to be in school. They would normally share what they did and what they have achieved in school. They will share their favorite friends and teachers too. It is also very heartening and enlightening to see and hear both my kids reciting the Surah Lazim while they are playing, and instantly read the respective dua's in their daily activities. My son even showed interest to lead our prayers at home and my girl so excited to perform jemaah prayer with us. Subhanallah… Even though it is not consistent, but hey, they are a step closer to it In Syaa Allah. The most surprising is when they started to recite Surah Yasin! Masyaa Allah... we are in awe and in tears. What more can i ask for? Ilham teachers, u all have done a wonderful job in educating our future leaders and may Allah reward all of u with jannah In Syaa Allah. From the bottom of our heart, THANK YOU ILHAM and keep up the great job! Jazaakumullah khairan kathiiran".


    Karnatie & Muliadee Parents of Aqil (K1) & Ain (N2)
  • Parents of Zahirah Insyirah Binte Muhammad Aqib

    Sending a child to care center is the most difficult situation as putting trust to a non-family member is not an easy task. Further to all this, we cant just do a trial and error on our children by sending them to random places for them to explore as they are just a mere child. We did a research and survey and ilham child care is one out of a few choices prior to recommendation from colleagues, family members and friends. Unfortunately we did not get through our preferred choice and leaving us few options for our consideration. After careful consideration on the few pointers such as academic growth, social interactions, school activities, food that is served (especially for Muslim), secondary language such as Mandarin, Arabic, motor skills and common activities like other care center would provide hence we choose Ilham Child Care as our choice. I am a skeptical person who is not in favor of sending my child to a child care as there are a lot of incidents happening in a child care center, which unfortunately, most are negative.My child required a 101 coaching to learn new stuff as she require more time to understand compared to others. After a few months attending to the child care I began to realize that my child start to develop further in terms of decision, putting on clothes, socializing and improvement in English and numbers which I am proud of her. All of this happen as the teachers and team member pushes and assist on developing my child and put all their commitments ensuring that the child is taken care of and benefit from the class. I have met and spoken to the teachers, care center manager and mandarin lesson teachers and to my surprise, all of them are well-equipped in terms of knowledge and experience in handling children. They have given me the encouragement on my child’s progress and given me the assurance that my child is in their good hands. Both my wife and I are happy that we chose Ilham Child Care Center as our preferred choice and will further encourage fellow parents to give their trust to Ilham Child Care. Choosing a child care is never an easy choice but we are glad we made the right choice. Thank you to all the associates at Ilham Child Care Center, TradeHub 21.


    Muhammad Aqib Sulaiman and Nor Taharah Riduan Parents of Zahirah Insyirah Binte Muhammad Aqib 5 Years Old, Kindergarten 1 (First time Enrolment)
  • Parents of Asad Haidar

    The teachers at Ilham have provided a warm and caring atmosphere, and the children we saw at drop-off and pick-up time were happy and played well with each other. The center provides a variety of activities for the children such as crafts, martial arts and Iqra. From our observations, Haidar has developed a close bond with his teachers in Ilham. As parents, we are pleased and relieved to know that our child is being left in the hands of someone who truly cares for him.

    -Parents of Haidar
  • Parents of Muhd Irham & Irdina

    Ilham @ Tradehub 21 placed great interest in the children’s well-being. The curriculum is holistic and I’m assured that my children are safe and well taken care of when I’m away at work. My husband and I are updated on our children’s progress in school on a monthly basis (through e-portfolio platform) and the parents-teacher session held twice a year helps in discerning the gaps and strengths of my children. I’m grateful and thankful to the dedicated teachers and management who also follow up closely on the parents’ feedback.

    -Parent of Irham and Irdine
  • Parent of Izz Naufal

    It has almost been a year since I enrolled my son Izz Naufal in Ilham Childcare. As a working mom, I am truly grateful to the teachers and staff of Ilham for taking good care of my son for almost 10 hours each day, 5 days a week. The fact that Naufal loves to go school, this convince me more that Ilham is providing him with a good environment. Ilham’s holistic approach attracts me the most. Despite at a young age, Naufal is able to recite doas and show interest in prayers. I am very grateful to the teachers. Thank you. I hope Ilham will continue to instill the love for Islam in our children.

    -Parent of Naufal
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    Parents of Emran Danial (K1) and Emran Zikry (N2)

    From the first time we stepped into Ilham Childcare, we were struck by the cleanliness of the premise, we also liked the friendliness of the staff and spaciousness of the centre. We, especially like to thank the previous principal, Mdm Emil and Teacher Ifa, Teacher Mas and Teacher Marnis who first welcomed us and our two children, Danial and Zikry to the centre. Over a short period of time, our two children were able to adjust to Ilham Childcare. The teachers helped my second boy, Zikry to adjust to being in a childcare especially since he had been so used to staying at home with me, his mother. We saw our children grow in terms of self-confidence and social skills. They were able to learn and recite various doas, surahs and Selawat Syifa' over a few months. We were also blessed to know that Danial (K1) was taught to be an Imam during Solaf Asar and the bigger children took turns to be the Imam or Qamat. Thank you teachers and ustazah. : ) After being on No Pay for nearly three years, I felt relieved that we have found a childcare that gave our children the best of both worlds, which fit our vision for our boys. The fact that they also learnt Mandarin and (self-defence/ silat) have an added advantage. We know we have made the right choice and hope that Ilham will continue to sustain the standards they have now. Thank you to our children’s current teachers, laoshis and ustazah for caring and educating Danial and Zikry. Thank you to Mdm Lize, the current centre Principal.

    Best Regards,

    Mdm Azlin & Mr Emsuhail Parents of Emran Danial (K1) and Emran Zikry (N2)